Wuerth (Cambodia) Ltd.

Wuerth Cambodia is a member of the Würth Group and was founded at the beginning of the year 2002 and was officially registered as a Single Private Company which is owned by Würth International Ltd. Wuerth Cambodia started its operation in a small premise and in 2005 it moved to a new location where the current head office is based.

The development of turnover has remarkably grown with CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 51.76% notably from 2002 to 2010. The actual turnover YTD-Dec. 2010 was up to USD 832,526 with a positive operating result of 8.1%, and the company had 30 employees in its payroll in which 23 were sales representatives. Collection days and A/R management were one of the company’s strong points when collection days were reported to 28.2 days as per December 2010. There are around 1,500 items in the product range which are mainly for Automotive after sales business whereas general maintenance and installation sectors are equally important for company’s future growth. Besides that, the company started early 2011 new construction division to ensure great success again for 2011 by at least 30% growth. By having stable growth of 30% every year, Wuerth Cambodia will easily reach its vision 2020 both in sales of 10 millions USD and in number of employees of 210.

The main activity of Wuerth Cambodia has still been focused in capital city-Phnom Penh as the main business hub and governmental institutions; moreover, its operation has been expanded to provinces where we could see opportunity to grow. So far, Wuerth Cambodia has been well known as a German supplier with premium quality and service of international standard and as well as aggressive and well-organized sales force management.

To take part in the global fighting for staff turnover, Wuerth Cambodia has done its hardest to achieve the lowest point in history to only 14% in 2010. Basically, the average working period per employee is 3.38 years which is relatively high in Cambodia job market environment. The management team is committed to keep fighting this spirit.

Since the year 2010, there are 3 members in the board of directors including Rohan Amirthiah (based in Sri Lanka) being appointed as Chairman, Mr. Tino Tep (Cambodian National and Managing Director) as member and Michel Kern (Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group) as member.

During its operation period, there were many official visits to the company, included Prof. Dr. h. c. Reinhold Würth visit in February 2003, Mrs. Bettina Würth visit in February 2007 and Mr. Michel Kern and Benjamin Würth visit in October 2009; besides, there were numerous visits from executive member.

What Wuerth (Cambodia) Ltd. has to do in the years to come is to have higher growth and of course with profitability. In order to achieve this goal, the management has it own priorities to work on, such as optimum customer management, IDM productivity as well as ADM’, staff turnover, gross profit, inventory management and collection days. We entirely understand that these measures ensure company success in the long-run and most importantly to achieve the 2020’s vision.


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